Welcome one and all on our journey into a new era for 2018. As we stand at the dawn of a new school year, we enter the gates to a new name, new values and most importantly a change of our theme… “It begins with all of us”

Third Term: July 2018
“Morality, Courage and Knowledge, it starts with me”

 Mid-year 2018 of our school year… I want to welcome everyone back. Truly hoping that all staff and learners had a good break and hoping that you are Refreshed, Rejuvenated and Ready (3 Rs) for term 3.

This term starts with a bang, jumping right into MCK’s annual Madiba day on the 19th July 2018. Since 2012, the first Thursday of the 3rd term annually is dedicated to all acts of service, performed by learners and staff at MCK. This year MCK will visit TIBA Association, the Ken and Barbie ECD centre, the orphanage in Orange Farm, “breaking the Chains” rehabilitation centre, feed the Foundation Phase learners at Zodiac Primary school, a massive spring-clean operation in and around our school area, a visit to Jiswa school where our learners interact and learn about learners who are severely physically disabled, and lastly our favourite, treating all our golden oldies from old-age homes to dance, music, manicures and pedicures. This is the day where MCK learners are taught the act of services. It starts with each one of us making a small contribution to improving the lives of another person.

This term we are very proud to launch MCK Special School, where our focus will be on instilling the values associated with Morality, Courage and knowledge. Our long-awaited name change launch will happen on the 3rd of August where all stakeholders of MC Kharbai School, past staff members and SGB parents and all existing sponsors will be treated to an awesome MCK Special School opening.  We will be honouring all staff that have truly contributed to making our school an institution that we can all be proud of. When one stands on the shoulders of giants, one is able to move mountains.

With the launch of MCK, we will also be introducing the school’s official website, www.mck.org.za, the school’s official Facebook and Twitter pages. We want to increase the school’s social footprint ensuring that all that MCK has to offer is showcased for all to see. We are proud of our learners, their achievements, our staff and facilities at MCK. We will also be launching our MCK pledge song instilling the values of Morality, Courage and Knowledge, it starts with me.

This term will also see our Marimba learners take part in the annual international Marimba festival during the end of July. The marimba band has always performed excellently and have continually attained a position in the Top 3 in their category. This year, Madam Adele and the marimba band is trying a different approach, having Madam Tumi render an item of song accompanied by the marimba band. I am sure that they will reach new heights for the Marimba team at MCK, keeping the flag flying high. We are proud of you marimba band, go and make beautiful music.

This term our deaf and hearing learners will be taking part in the provincial Spelling bee, specifically in SASL (South African Sign Language) happening at St. Vincent. Teachers and learners have worked tirelessly in ensuring that learners are well prepared when competing against other schools. Our teachers have worked extremely hard with our learners ensuring that they are ready. We wish our learners well, and keeping fingers crossed. Last year MCK won the Spelling Bee completion, walking away with a big screen TV and a cash prize for the best learner. Make MCK proud spelling bees…..

The third term also sees the soccer season in full swing, where our u/15, u/17 and u/ 19 compete against other schools for a place for regional selections. Soccer is a thriving sport at MCK, where learners have excelled and gone on to play for local leagues. We wish the MCK soccer players well under the leadership of the sports manager at MCK, Mr Lerato.

Another exciting adventure is the 1st of September where MCK will host the annual Deaf Awareness Day. There will be a concert featuring different items, a silent walk around the school area and various stalls and kiddies activities. The attraction this year is the car sound, show and shine to be held on our premises. It is going to be a fun-filled day with so much to do, lots of foods to enjoy and experience the Deaf culture. Please come and support this day with us.

However, good learner discipline systems remain an integral part to the success of all the programmes and plans listed above for the rest of 2018. A disciplined system remains only as good as it is reinforced by all staff consistently. School discipline accompanied by a good therapy support system at school drives the ethos that each child is important at MCK. The support focus for this term is aimed at strengthening partnerships with rehabilitation centres and MCK. Many of our learners will benefit from knowing the support available to them and their families.

As a staff, we learn to practice the culture of “making a difference” to every learner who needs help. For those difficult learners, we cultivate a spirit of “never giving up on them”, even though they might have given up on themselves.

A healthy staff is a happy staff, so keep laughing, smiling, stay positive, but above all, always be willing to “make a difference”

With us seeking God’s direction, I am confident that we will strive to improve our lives and the lives of all our learners for the rest of 2018.         
Thank you staff for your constant commitment to MC
                        Michelle Batchelor (Principal)