The History

MC Kharbai School started out as the Lenasia School for the Deaf, formally registered on the 1st April 1980 as a state-subsidized school. The school started out with humble beginnings, out in the Dutch Reformed Church in Grasmere on the 4th of August, with 33 learners under the principalship of Mr B.Padiachi.
In 1982, the school moved to its current location, occupying the Lenasia Primary School No. 11 in Lenasia Extension 9. At that stage, with 53 learners, a Head of Department, speech therapist, acting school psychologist and two educators were appointed with a Deaf learner enrolment of 53 learners.
The Board of Trustees, then acting as a School Governing body, worked in the interest of the school, and accepted an offer of R150 000.00 donation to the school from the MC Kharbai Trust Fund. Their condition was that the name of the school is changed. Therefore in 1985, the name changed to MC Kharbai School for the Deaf.
This school remains the only school for Deaf learners catering for all areas in the southern parts of Johannesburg, ranging from Eldorado Park to areas in the Vaal, including Vereeniging and Sebokeng.
In 2006, the school opened its doors for special needs hearing learners with learning disabilities who require a vocational curriculum. The school continues to cater for two programmes, for the Deaf learners, CAPS curriculum and for the MID learners, the Vocational Curriculum.

Today – 2021

Currently, the school has an enrolment of 400 learners, with 37 teaching staff, 4 therapists, 1 school nurse and 21 school support staff ranging from secretaries, driver, nurse, groundsmen, Deaf class Assistants, Gr R practitioners, bringing the total staff complement to 69.
The school provides two programmes, catering for two specific categories of disabilities, namely, for the Deaf, we follow the NCS CAPS Curriculum form Grades O to Grade 9 for Deaf learners. We also offer the MID Technical Occupational Skills curriculum, based on the NCS three-stream model approach. Here the emphasis is on the technical ability of the learners.
From 2018, our school has been renamed, MCK Special School, M – Morality, C- Courage, K- Knowledge. We believe in teaching good morals and instilling learners with courage through knowledge to achieve the best that our learners can be.